COVID-19 Fact Sheet – FIND “COVID-19 rapid antigen test screening validation and diagnosis study in symptomatic and asymptomatic populations at border crossings in Uganda to support efficient testing practices” Project

The project aims to provide access to fast, quality COVID-19 screening for truck drivers at select border crossings in Uganda. The initiative aims to help reduce the spread and impact of COVID-19 and lessen the economic burden on transport companies by offering rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) and a polymerase chain reaction  (PCR) test. If the evidence supports national policy change, Phase 2 will only require drivers to take an RDT test.

Following a training provided by Transaid and Safe Way Right Way (SWRW) in the target areas of Busia and Malaba, transport associations operating near the two target border posts carried out sensitisation of arriving and departing national and international truck drivers per border crossing about the study as well as about basic COVID-19 information including signs and symptoms, prevention, what to do if you have symptoms and the importance of vaccines.

These messages were included in the COVID-19 fact sheets below, which were distributed to drivers during sensitisation to raise around COVID-19 symptoms and safe practices.

Click below to download the fact sheets.