Transaid welcomes Kirsty Adams, Editor of SHD Logistics, as Ambassador

As the Editor of SHD Logistics, Kirsty Adams plays an active role in supporting Transaid, from providing industry support at the SHD Logistics Awards, to raising vital funds and publicity for Transaid’s appeals and programmes. At the end of last year, she decided to take the next step in helping Transaid by becoming an Ambassador. We spoke to Kirsty about her decision.

How did you first learn about Transaid?

I’d just started out as Project Editor with SHD Logistics, and I initially met the Transaid team at a meeting with Florence (Bearman, Head of Fundraising) and Aggie (Krasnolucka-Hickman, Programmes Manager), about our official charity partnership with Transaid. I’d also met Gary (Forster, former Transaid CEO), who was a judge at the SHD Logistics Awards.

What attracted you to Transaid?

Firstly, the team. Gary, Florence and Aggie are all very engaging people. I found myself talking to them a lot as I interacted with Transaid through SHD Logistics when we worked together.

Secondly, it’s such a well-respected charity in the industry. I’ve come across other industry-orientated charities before, but none are as well integrated and respected within their specific industry as Transaid are.  Transaid is trusted by the transport and logistics industry, and you can follow its programmes closely, so there’s a sense that you can really see where the money goes with Transaid.

What made you decide to take the next step and become an Ambassador?

By the time I became Editor of SHD Logistics, I knew a lot of people in the industry. I enjoy connecting people so it seemed like an obvious thing to do for Transaid. I hope to use my contacts to support Transaid in their activities, and each year at the SHD Logistics Awards, where Transaid is the official charity for the event.

One of the first things you did for us was running the 2017 Paris marathon. Do you have any fond memories of this?

Yes! Caroline (Barber, Transaid CEO) and I actually ended up finishing the race together. She saw someone limping towards the finish line with toilet paper stuck to her shoe – when she went to let that person know, she realised it was me! At that point we exchanged a teary hug and crossed the finish line together.

Is there anything you’d say to anyone considering doing a Transaid challenge?

Just do it.  No one who does a challenge will regret it. It’s not easy but it’s always worth it in the end, and remember that it’s for a good cause.

To find out more about Transaid’s Ambassador Scheme, visit our Ambassadors Page here or contact Harry Chambers at for more information.

To find out about Transaid’s fundraising challenges, including our 20th Anniversary Land’s End to John o’ Groats Cycle Challenge, please click here or contact Harry Wells at