Transport Awareness Questionnaire

This tool is to be used for gathering information from heads of households to determine the current socio-economic status of the household, as well as some other basic information on transport and communications during a maternal emergency. This tool can be used to gather data for a baseline, midline and endline study. It can also be used as an assessment tool to inform a design process around emergency transport.

This tool was initially designed for and used during Transaid’s Emergency Transport Scheme (ETS) in northern Nigeria. In 2013, Transaid was awarded with the five-year grant from Comic Relief to set up the Emergency Transport Scheme in Adamawa State. The ETS encourages local taxi drivers from the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) to transport women to health centres free of charge or at minimal cost when they are faced with complications. To read more about this programme, please click here and to for the tool, please see link below.