H16. Rural Assessment for a Community-based ETS that uses an existing transport provider

This questionnaire was originally used in Uganda as part of a project which engaged local motorcycle taxi riders as emergency transport providers for pregnant women giving birth and/or attending antenatal care. This questionnaire is divided into two sections. Section One is to be asked to a woman who has used the emergency transport scheme to give birth at the health facility or to attend antenatal care. The answers given to the ‘Section 1A’ questions reflect the woman’s behaviour since the implementation of the programme. These answers can be compared to the answers given to the ‘Section 1B’ questions which reflect the woman’s behaviour before the implementation of the programme. Section Two of this questionnaire is to be asked to women who are not aware of the emergency transport system. The overall results of this questionnaire can be compared to the programme’s baseline to determine the success and reach of the project with regards to influencing women’s transport seeking behaviour for maternal medical care.
Tool type: Survey