Emergency Transport Scheme (ETS) Training Guide for Trainers of Bicycle Ambulance (April 2019)

Emergency Transport Schemes (ETS) offer an affordable means of transportation for health emergencies and patient referrals to health facilities, in communities where no formal transport services exist, or where affordable means of transportation lack.

This training manual is intended for trainers who are conducting training on ETS, and introducing bicycles as a solution for community based transport to help expecting mothers and under 5 children with severe malaria in accessing health care when in labour and six weeks after child birth. The topics in this manual have been logically arranged to help guide the trainer follow an approach which aims to maximise the impact of the ETS introduction through clear messaging and instruction.

 The purpose of the ETS training is to develop the knowledge and skills of the community volunteer ETS riders so that they can professionally, safely, actively and effectively contribute to reducing the delay on maternal emergencies and children with severe malaria faced in accessing transportation. This manual acts as a learning tool and reference to be used in conducting training geared towards achieving this. It contains the course layout, proposed timings and gives the trainer comprehensive guidance on critical issues relating to the successful operation of a community managed ETS. It is not meant as a document for general distribution among all ETS volunteer riders, rather for trainers.

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