RS27. Vehicle Specification Sheet

This tool can be used to check the specifications of Toyota Land Cruisers, such as weight and dimensions.
Tool type: Information sheet

RS26. Vehicle Defect Report

This tool is one example of a vehicle daily check sheet. The vehicle operator would be expected to use this form as a guide at the start of every shift to check the condition of the vehicle. Equally the driver can use this as a guide before signing a vehicle handover sheet when the driver is accepting responsibility for a vehicle which has been driven by somebody else.
Tool type: Checklist

RS19. Vehicle Log Sheet to record distance, usage and fuel

This tool is an example of a vehicle log sheet. The vehicle log sheet must be carried within the vehicle at all times and is to be used by the driver to record every trip undertaken. By recording distance, usage and fuel added the log book provides information for calculating KPIs.
Tool type: Logbook

RS18. Vehicle Inventory for Fleet Management

This tool is a useful guide for conducting a fleet inventory. It essential that a regular fleet inventory be undertaken to ensure that Transport Officers and Transport Managers are aware of how many vehicles are in current operation, the condition of those vehicles, and where the vehicles are based.
Tool type: Template

RS25. Vehicle Information Sheet

This tool is designed to be kept at the front of the vehicle file. A vehicle file should be established for all vehicles and should contain information such as insurance certificates, maintenance records etc.
Tool type: Checklist

RS24. Vehicle Handover Sheet

This tool is to be used when a vehicle is being handed over from one person to another in order to record any existing damage and avoid any potential disagreements in the future. It should be filled out in as much detail as possible.
Tool type: Checklist

RS20. Vehicle Daily Planning Sheet

This tool is an example of a daily vehicle planning sheet. Once the seven day transport planner has been completed the transport officer may wish to plan the use of each vehicle on an hour-by-hour basis in order to maximise efficiency.
Tool type: Planner

RS22. Suggested Vehicle Equipment List

This tool enables the driver- or the driver’s supervisor- to conduct an inventory of spare parts and/or tools carried on-board the vehicle. This list is only a suggested list of equipment and should be adapted to the needs of each organisation.
Tool type: Checklist

RS21. Seven Day Transport Planner

This tool is an example of a seven day transport planner. It should be created each Wednesday for the following week. This allows Transport Managers to determine whether they will have enough vehicles and drivers to fulfill the obligations of the operation. It also allows Transport officers to consolidate journeys, ensuring that passengers going to the same destination travel in the same vehicle to reduce costs.
Tool type: Planner

RS33. Period Transport Schedule

This tool should be used as a schedule to determine when and where a vehicle is during a specific time period.
Tool type: Planner