Report: ‘A Fare Price: An investigation into the health costs of motorcycle taxi crashes in Kenya’

As the number of motorcycle taxis (boda bodas) continues to grow in Kenya, the report finds that the personal and economic price of a motorcycle taxi crash is high; helmet wearing prevalence amongst riders is low, helmet quality is low, head injuries are the leading cause of hospital admission, and hospital treatment for motorcycle taxi crashes can cost up to 4.5x the annual salary of the rider.

The report sets out the context of motorcycle taxis in Kenya, key findings from analysis of hospital records, national data analysis, observational studies and interviews, as well as case studies and recommendations to tackle motorcycle taxi injuries and deaths in Kenya.

To compile this report, Transaid worked in partnership with Multimedia University of Kenya, Safe Way Right Way Kenya, and Margie Peden, with support from the FIA Foundation.

Click below to download the full report.