Professional Driver Training

In August 2008, Transaid partnered with the Industrial Training Centre Trust (ITC) – the only public commercial driver training centre in Zambia – to build capacity to deliver professional HGV driver training to internationally recognised standards. This was implemented through a ‘Training of Trainers’ programme and the provision of a number of resources including five trucks, three trailers and a forklift truck.


Transaid provided a Programme Manager to oversee the daily running of the project and coordinate inputs from professional volunteers which included driver training and teaching techniques, tyre management and safety, maintenance, defensive driving, hazardous chemical training, and bus, coach and forklift truck driver training and human resources. Each input is being carefully delivered and appropriated to the Zambian context facilitated by Transaid’s expertise within Africa. The project is strongly supported by a UK consortium of member companies who provide a vital support on the strategic level.