Our Expertise

We focus on professional driver training, transport management systems, and rural access to transport, to solve two of the biggest transport challenges in sub-Saharan Africa.

We support drivers, governments, and training institutions to improve road safety

In sub-Saharan Africa, road deaths are the third biggest killer following HIV/AIDS and Malaria (Source: The World Bank) and the problem will only rise with the growing population. Drivers are at risk every time they sit behind the wheel due to a lack of legal enforcement and training, and badly maintained and overloaded vehicles.

We empower people to transform their own lives through access to vital services, such as healthcare

People living in rural areas of Africa often struggle to access vital services. Around 75% of maternal deaths can be avoided through timely access to vital childbirth-related care (Source: The World Bank).

Our work includes the use of Emergency Transport Schemes to transport pregnant mothers with complications, and children with severe malaria. We also help community health workers reach the families who need them.

We transform driver training

We work with partners and governments to train driver trainers. Our driver training programmes make drivers more competent, vehicles safer, and reduce death and injury on the road.

We transform standards and systems

We transform standards and systems – We work with governments and other organisations to create and promote far-reaching improvements in driving standards, including curricula development. We also work on transport management systems, joining with partners to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the management and maintenance of fleets of vehicles.

We transform rural access to vital services

We enable women, children, and men in rural communities to reach health services when they are in need. We strengthen transport systems and this can provide access to appropriate forms of transport.