Xpediator becomes Transaid’s latest corporate member

We are delighted to announce that Xpediator has become our latest corporate member, joining a growing group of 34 companies across the transport and logistics industry who are committed to making a difference by supporting Transaid.

Established in 1988, Xpediator Group initially provided freight forwarding services in the UK, originally trading as ‘Delamode’. It has since evolved into an integrated freight management business operating in the supply chain logistics and fulfilment sector throughout Europe and the UK.

Following donations totalling more than £3,400 to Transaid’s annual Christmas Appeal in recent years, the international provider of freight management services has pledged its support for the next three years.

In addition to helping raise funds, Transaid’s corporate members often support our programmes by providing invaluable industry expertise and knowledge. Xpediator CEO Stephen Blyth is looking forward to collaborating with Transaid in this way: “We are proud to be aligned with an international development organisation that is so passionate about its work. The Transaid team is dedicated to transforming lives through safe, available and sustainable transport – and that’s something we are very keen to support.

“Across our 900 employees we benefit from vast experience in the logistics industry and we are keen to share as much relevant knowledge as we can with Transaid. We’ll be exploring opportunities to support their goals not just financially, but through our in-house skills too.”

Xpediator will also be encouraging staff members from across its European network to get involved in events to raise additional money for Transaid’s life-saving programmes.

Transaid CEO Caroline Barber expressed her gratitude for the company’s commitment, saying: “Our corporate members play a major role in supporting the success of our projects, and we’re grateful for the added expertise Xpediator brings to the table. It’s incredibly humbling when you look at the level of industry support we enjoy; every corporate member makes Transaid stronger and enables us to extend our reach into more communities in sub-Saharan Africa.”