UK logistics expert’s lectures inspire students in Tanzania

Matthew Kibble, Managing Director and former owner of Matthew Kibble Transport, has returned from Tanzania after delivering a series of three inspirational talks on behalf of Transaid, at the National Institute of Transport (NIT), located in Dar es Salaam. 

Kibble’s talks focused on building his company, cost control, and buying and selling businesses – providing a fascinating insight into running a professional transport operation. There were 45 students in attendance from relevant programmes covering transport and logistics, ports, and shipping, all organised by the Transaid Coordinator at NIT.

The NIT began its partnership with Transaid in 2010, under the shared goal of providing quality driver training and reducing traffic accidents that leave behind devastated families and place a significant burden on the health system. While Transaid has previously provided training opportunities at NIT, Kibble’s talks were the first of this kind as they were delivered directly to the students.

Commenting on his time in Tanzania, he says: “I really enjoyed the experience. The students were brilliant and interested to hear what I had to stay. I still receive messages from them and the lead lecturer.

“A close friend remarked that they hadn’t seen me so engaged in a long time, so this is something I would definitely do again, either at the NIT or to support another Transaid project. It is so important for students to see something beyond just their textbooks.”

Caroline Barber, Chief Executive of Transaid, comments: “I was able to join Matthew for some of his talks and seeing how engaged the students were throughout was incredible. Hearing from the students enabled us to see how they were relating to the information he was sharing. It’s so important for the next generation to have this engagement with the private sector and Transaid was delighted to help facilitate this. Especially as Matthew’s story of building up his business and using setbacks as learning opportunities was so inspiring. He delivered his talks with great humility and took time to listen to the students and encourage them to aim for the stars.”

Kibble started in the industry as a truck driver, before establishing his own logistics company in 1999, which was incorporated to Matthew Kibble Transport in 2004. In 2022, he sold his business to a larger, family-owned transport company, but stayed on as Managing Director.