Transaid’s More MAMaZ programme showcased on national television in Comic Relief build-up

Last night, Monday 2 March, a major Transaid project, the MORE MAMaZ programme, was showcased on national television during BBC Two’s Let’s Play Darts for Comic Relief, as part of the build-up to Comic Relief, taking place on Friday 13th March 2015.

Recipient of a £1.83million grant from Comic Relief, Transaid’s MORE MAMaZ programme (Mobilising Access to Maternal Health Services in Zambia) aims to increase healthcare facility attendance rates among expectant mothers and newborn babies in remote regions of Zambia.

The MORE MAMaZ programme builds on the success of the original MAMaZ initiative run between 2010 and 2013. Implemented in association with Health Partners International (HPI) and Zambian organisations Disacare and Development Data, the project works towards eliminating barriers to access to health facilities in five remote regions including Chama, Mkushi, Mongu, Serenje and Chitambo.

The programme creates projects such as the Emergency Transport Scheme, which trains local community volunteers in areas where emergency transport is unavailable or unaffordable to drive bicycle ambulances. These can then be used to transport women in labour to the nearest health facility at little or no cost.

Other elements of the programme include savings schemes, food banks and a network of mothers’ helpers, all contributing to make access to necessary healthcare possible for those living in isolated villages.

Gary Forster, CEO of Transaid says: “The original MAMaZ programme was hugely successful in creating a viable transport system, resulting in increased numbers of women delivering their children in hospitals or clinics.

“We’re grateful to Comic Relief for providing us with the funds to be able to expand the project and we’re proud that we’ve been able to share the programme’s success with the nation, highlighting the serious issues communities in remote parts of the world face in accessing vital healthcare,” he adds.

The Transaid video was broadcast at the 25 minute mark in the BBC’s Let’s Play Darts for Comic Relief programme. To watch the video please click here.