Transaid duo win 2023 Victor Simfukwe Award

During Transaid’s recent 25th Anniversary Showcase event on 16th November 2023, we announced the winners of the Victor Simfukwe Award, which was created in memory of our friend and colleague Victor Simfukwe, who passed away in 2019.

The award in his name is our way of honouring Victor’s legacy by recognising those who have made an outstanding contribution to Transaid’s mission over the past year.

Victor Simfukwe

The winner of the Victor Simfukwe Award was announced by our Chair of Transaid’s Board, Joan Aitken and awarded to Florence Bearman, Head of Fundraising at Transaid, and Thelma Ayisi, Project Manager at Transaid.

Both Florence and Thelma were commended by a number of different people for their outstanding commitment in their roles at Transaid in the last year.

Florence said: “I feel very honoured to have been awarded (jointly) the Victor Simfukwe Award. Victor was a very special individual, and that I’ve been awarded it in his name is really very special.”

Receiving the award came as a complete surprise to Thelma, who said: “It feels very surreal, I thought I was just doing my work. It is a testimony to the entire team behind the programme in Ghana, and the commitment and enthusiasm of our trainees and trainers.”

We would also like to thank our corporate supporter, DP World, for sponsoring the Victor Simfukwe Award this year, as the platinum sponsor of Transaid’s 25th Anniversary.

Well done to our winners and all those who were nominated this year. We hope that the 2023 Victor Simfukwe Awards has inspired you and don’t forget to nominate people next year who are making exceptional contributions to furthering Transaid’s mission.

A full list of the nominees can be found below.


Victor Simfukwe Award Nominees 2023


Baptista Guila

Baptista was nominated because he has proven to be a highly respected and valuable trainer on the DRAIVA project in Mozambique. He won the award as the best of the 31 trainers that were trained as part of the project, and has been receiving excellent reviews on his delivery of training, particularly in his adaptability to meet the needs of individual participants.

Bwire Silver Wiljex Ochiondo

Bwire was nominated for showing a lot of passion and commitment to his work, and for his dedication to saving lives on the roads by improving the standard of driver training. He goes all out in his training delivery and fosters a relationship with his trainees that brings out the best in them at all times.


Bulelani Maskiti

Bulelani has served as a Research Assistant in a variety of Transaid’s projects, and was commended for his tireless efforts, demonstrating his passion for transport-related research and advocacy. His infectious energy is driven particularly by the possibilities for positive change that come from the research, training and advocacy done by Transaid and its partners.

Daniel Mwamba

Daniel was recognised for his commitment and passion to see it that no life is lost on Zambia’s roads, in a manner that Victor Simfukwe and Daniel’s close friend lost theirs. Daniel has championed road safety and sustainable mobility with a vision of saving lives on Zambia’s roads, by establishing the Zambia Road Safety Trust in 2014.

 Dennis Simuyuni

Dennis was commended for his work on all of the MAMaZ projects, managing human and financial resources most effectively at every level of the programme.


Elly Kegode

Elly was recognised as a selfless, compassionate, and down to earth leader who mobilised 611 motorcycle riders in 2022 and 2023. He founded an association for riders in Kibera, Nairobi, and continues to champion the welfare and safety of all riders through the National Helmet Wearing Coalition.


Florence Bearman

Florence was commended by several different individuals for a multitude of reasons. The first, for being a brilliant leader of Transaid’s fundraising team, going well above and beyond in her role and delivering incredible results. For stepping up in 2023 and acting as Co-Chief Executive, for her participation in many a Transaid challenge, and for her effective management of Transaid’s key partnerships – from corporate partners, to in country partners. Ultimately, Florence was recognised for demonstrating everything that is required to win this award in Victor’s honour, and her unprecedented dedication to Transaid’s mission throughout her 10 years working for the organisation.

Guy Heywood

Guy was commended for his fundraising activities for Transaid in 2023, completing several events and delivering a continuing stream of funding for Transaid. He was recognised as truly outstanding Ambassador, who is always seeking to raise the profile of Transaid.


Jon Aspden

Jon was nominated after he volunteered his time and expertise to deliver Ghana’s practical Training of Master Trainers in September 2022. Jon was engaged and committed to completing the training, despite being ill, and is fondly remembered in Ghana. His input demonstrates the value of Transaid’s UK supporter base.


Kevin Mubadi

Kevin was recognised because he mobilises and organises motorcycle riders in Kenya to acquire riding skills by ensuring that they are enrolled in a driving school, with the ultimate aim of improving road safety and reducing road crashes.


Maddy Matheson

Maddy was recognised for being exceptional since joining Transaid’s fundraising team two years ago, taking on all of her work with a positive and can-do attitude, and for being a wonderful team player.


Marshall Kodjo Mensah Bobobee

Marshall was recognised as a good trainer, and team player who is contributing to improved road safety in Ghana. He has trained thousands of drivers and riders across the country to an improved standard, and recently benefited from the Transaid and Michelin tyre training programme for HGV instructors in Ghana.

Mike Wilson

Mike was commended for completing more international challenges for Transaid than any other person, he is registered for Cycle Kenya 2024 – which will be his eighth consecutive African cycle challenge. He was recognised as a loyal and determined supporter of Transaid, and even in retirement and with new knees, he is continuing to support fundraising events.


Neil Rettie 

Neil was nominated for his commitment and passion to deliver Transaid’s road safety projects, and improve road safety across sub-Saharan Africa.


Peter Tibigambwa 

As the Chief Executive of Safe Way Right Way driver training centre, Peter was recognised for his instrumental role in the completion of the Professional Driver Training project Uganda – Phase Two, with all targets exceeded. Peter was nominated for his deep commitment to improving road safety in Uganda and beyond, and for embodying many of the qualities that made Victor shine.

Razak Issah Sofo

Razak  was commended for his ability to mentor and influence many young HSE officers. He has brought great change, and helped to reduce the number of road crashes in Ghana through continuous training and policy implementation for staff in his department.


Sadat Braimah 

Sadak was recognised for is commitment to eradicating road crashes in Ghana.

Sam Clark

Sam was nominated for his commitment and passion for motorcycle safety and increasing helmet use, as well as his ability to work with the local communities most effectively.



Thelma Ayisi

Thelma was commended by several different individuals for a multitude of reasons. First, for her commitment to Transaid’s professional driver training project in Ghana, and her hard work and dedication to organising the various training sessions. She was also recognised for her enthusiasm and passion for improving road safety, and ability to relay important information to key stakeholders, with one nominator saying: “Thelma is the unofficial and unrecognised road safety Ambassador in Ghana.” Thelma was also commended for her personable nature, managerial skills, being an excellent communicator and coordinator, and overall for her commitment and dedication to her job.

Verny Yenesha

Verny was nominated for his commitment to improving road safety as a professional truck driver and as a businessman.