Rob Riddleston’s interview

Rob Riddleston is a corporate banker heading up the Barclays Transport & Logistics team, where he manages banking for customers in these sectors. He has spent his entire career working at Barclays and has been managing corporate clients for more than 25 years. Rob has been a Transaid Ambassador since 2011.

How did you get involved in the transport industry? 

I started focusing on the transport and logistics sector in banking around the turn of the century, so that’s around 16 years now.

What do you do in your current role? 

I manage client relationships and provide banking products and solutions to clients from the Barclays suite of products in the UK and globally, both in the corporate and investment bank. I bring in specialists to talk to and provide solutions to the customer. My key area of focus is around lending money, taking care of deposits, and making and receiving payments for companies.

What are your interests outside work? 

Sport is a big feature for me. I play and umpire hockey in the winter as well as being Chairman of my hockey club in Eastcote, whilst in the summer I switch to cricket umpiring. I love most sports, supporting Southampton, Hampshire, and Saracens, depending on the size and shape of the ball.  I enjoy reading extensively about European geopolitical history in the 20th century.

What would people be surprised to know about you? 

I am right-handed, but when batting or playing golf I am left handed.

Why did you get involved with Transaid? 

Barclays has worked with and supported Transaid since around 2005 and I have been an Ambassador since 2011. It fits in naturally with my role as a banker to the sector and with the Barclays citizenship policy.

How did you become an Ambassador?

I think that I was on a fundraising event when I was tapped up!

Is there a particular aspect of Transaid you’re most fascinated by? 

A simple concept that is executed in a highly efficient method using the skills of the UK Transport & Logistics sector to make a real contribution to helping improve and save lives in Africa.

How have you been involved, and are you planning to get involved, as an Ambassador? 

I attend conferences, events and dinners and take the opportunity to promote Transaid. I support them at exhibitions to help recruit new members. I have also taken part in some of the UK fundraising events.

How does being an Ambassador fit in with your life? 

I work it around my business commitments and it fits in naturally with my discussions, meetings and events I have with my customers in the sector.

Will you be doing any future challenges? 

Yes, I do hope so (for a UK event). They are very worthwhile and hugely satisfying.

Why would you recommend other people get involved with Transaid? 

Even a small contribution of time and effort can make the difference. It will fit in well with companies’ CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy and allow individuals to grow and develop.

Find out more about becoming a Transaid Ambassador here.