Kagolo Paschal: Professional Driver Training Uganda project Phase Two

The Professional Driver Training Uganda project Phase Two (PDTU-2), which is part of the GIZ E4D programme, aims to upskill drivers to take advantage of employment opportunities, while equipping them with the knowledge to be safer on Uganda’s roads.

“The professional driver training provided by Safe Way Right Way Driver Training Centre, Transaid’s partner school in Uganda is delivered professionally and to a very high standard,” says Kagolo Paschal, who completed training with the PDTU-2 project.

Kagolo Paschal, who is 39 years old, and has three children, spent some time working in Qatar as a bus driver, before returning to Uganda in search of a new opportunity.

His brother had completed the professional driver training at Safe Way Right Way and recommended the programme to Kagolo.

“I did some training before with another driving school and received a defensive driver training certificate, but the training with Safe Way Right Way is so much more professional; in fact, it is perfect.

“During the training, I got to learn so many things that I didn’t know about driving and road safety. I have gained more skills in truck driving, and now I really want to perfect reversing and reverse parking.

“Driving is my passion, if I get a job, I can earn a living doing something I love. My dream is to drive class CE trucks as a means to earn a living. I also get to see many places through professional driving. It is an adventure and I enjoy it.”

Kagolo’s favourite part of the training was the theory.

“During the theory training I learnt so much about road safety that I did not know before, which has set me up so well. The trainer equipped me with skills for gaining employment which was really valuable, and also how to handle different challenges on the road.

“In professional driving, safety must come first. This training has taught me to be safe on the road, and also to keep other road users safe.”

Kagolo’s family is very supportive of him doing the training – and having seen how his brother has progressed, they often ask how he is finding it. Kagolo and his brother wish for their other brother to also complete the training.

“There are many challenges to getting into employment after the training, so many drivers are looking for jobs – employment won’t be so easy.”

Safe Way Right Way provides ongoing support to its students after they complete the training, offering soft-skills workshops, as well as actively engaging with local firms to help the trainees into employment.

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