UGPDT COVID-19 Truck Driver Cab Cleaning Guide

Since 2016, Transaid’s Professional Driver Training – Uganda project (PDTU) has been working to improve the capacity of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and passenger service vehicle (PSV) drivers in Uganda. The COVID-19 pandemic, first recorded in Uganda in March 2020, has added a number of new challenges for professional truck drivers at a time when the need to maintain vital supplies of foods, medicines and other essential assistance is increasingly falling to road transporters.

Despite the risk of exposure, truck drivers have continued to work through unpredictable and deteriorating working conditions, whilst facing increased scrutiny and stigma particularly as many of the new cases of COVID-19 being reported in Uganda are from long distance drivers being tested at the borders.

In response, Transaid and Safe Way Right Way have partnered with transporter unions in Uganda to produce truck driver-specific COVID-19 information and key road safety messaging, which will be delivered along with a package of essential personal protective equipment (PPE) as part of a wider sensitisation campaign.

Click below to view the Truck Driver COVID-19 Cab Cleaning Guide in English, Luganda, Swahili and French.