Transport Management System Training for the Ministry of Health Zanzibar

This report summarises the assistance provided to the MoH in Zanzibar to improve Transport Management Systems in May and June 2014. The support was made possible by UKaid through the Africa Community Access Programme (AFCAP) which is managed by Crown Agents. AFCAP has being leading in the effort to develop a better evidence base for understanding the important role that transport plays in rural health service delivery. It has also been keen to ensure that research gets into practice and supported a successful conference on ambulances and emergency transport for health in Tanzania in March 2014 which shared leading research with a wide range of practitioners. Following the workshop AFCAP was able to support three important follow on activities which responded to issues raised by participants at the workshop and that would all help further AFCAP’s mission of taking evidence and knowledge of what works into practice. This report focuses on the follow on activity which took place in collaboration with the MoH in Zanzibar. Responding to a capacity building request, 12 MoH participants received transport management training in May 2014. In addition a situational analysis was also conducted on both Pemba and Unguja islands and an action plan was collaboratively developed to address key challenges identified. The key recommendations were presented to the MoH Senior Management Team for discussion to seek their support. The recommendations were practical in
nature. Key issues were discussed to seek consensus for adoption as policy guidelines. A detailed action plan was also developed. The overall aim of these activities was to build the capacity of the MoH in transport management and to provide them with the skills, tools and motivation to implement changes that will lead to a safer and more efficient fleet which in turn should lead to improved health outcomes.