Transforming Rural Access: motorcycles, low cost infrastructure and appropriate standards

On the 9th of May 2017 Transaid facilitated a workshop on ‘Transforming rural access: motorcycles, low-cost infrastructure and appropriate standards on behalf of ReCAP at the 8th Transportation Technology Transfer Conference in Zambia. In many countries motorcycles and motorcycle taxis are the most common vehicles and may account for 75% of passenger and freight transport on Low Volume Rural Roads. ReCAP has funded recent research on motorcycle taxis and recently organised a webinar on motorcycles, which was attended by people from 24 different countries. The Transportation Technology Transfer (T2) conference was therefore an excellent opportunity to build on the momentum of these activities and facilitate discussion and dissemination on this important topic.

This report describes the context of the workshop, the discussions that took place as well as future recommendations. See below.

Further information about the presentation can be found here