H17. Training manual on community based pre-referral treatment for severe malaria


Increasing children’s access to life-saving treatment for severe malaria and other common childhood illnesses requires community members who can identify danger signs and know how to respond, and CHVs who can provide pre- treatment.  This manual builds on  work from our previous programme in Zambia, More MAMaZ (2014-2016) see here, and applies the same approaches for our currently ongoing MAMaZ Against Malaria (MAM). To read more about MAM, please click here.

This training manual outlines a training approach that can be used to:

  • Train selected Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) to diagnose and pre-treat severe malaria in young children using rectal artesunate (RAS)
  • Train communities to respond promptly and appropriately to severe malaria, and to other common childhood illnesses

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