Technical Brief: Training of Rural Motorcycle and Three-Wheeler Taxi Riders in Sub-Saharan Africa

This technical brief is focused on the state of professional training available to motorcycle and three-wheeler taxi riders in sub-Saharan Africa. The foundations for this brief are laid upon the findings of the 2018 ReCAP-funded research on the use of motorcycle and three-wheeler taxis in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Major findings highlight inconsistencies in the provision of professional training, its quality, availability and affordability.

Understanding how to improve the availability and quality of professional rider training, through the provision of standardised and quality assured curricula and training manuals is essential. These findings couldn’t have come at a better time, given the rise of motorcycle and three-wheeler taxis in rural contexts across sub-Saharan Africa and their increase use by rural people to access markets, health services and livelihoods, not to mention their income generating potential for riders.

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