T2. Transport Management Systems Manuals

Since its inaugural project in Ghana, Transaid has developed a comprehensive Transport Management System (TMS) which provides the tools necessary for anyone who has the responsibility for managing a fleet of vehicles efficiently and effectively.

The Transaid Transport Management Handbook which details the components of the system was developed as a pen and paper system that can be applied anywhere, regardless of the level of IT technology that exists.  It covers the main principles of analysing seven key performance indicators which will enable you to optimise your fleet.

The Transaid TMS system has been applied to a number of Ministries of Health, including the Ministry of Health in Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya and is currently being implemented in Nigeria. The benefits of the system have included reduced fleet size, re-scheduling of routes so that less kilometres have to be travelled, decreased fuel and maintenance costs and increased service delivery.

Transaid were asked by John Snow International to convert the handbook into a self-teaching tool that can accessed online and used where Transport Managers in public health services do not have access to any formal training.

If you would like further details on Transaid’s Transport Management System or if you need help to improve your fleet efficiency, please contact us using the ‘request further info’ form. Additionally, you can find the TMS Assessment tool and other helpful tools for implementing projects on our Knowledge Centre.

Below you can find our Transport Management System Manuals in PDF format.

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