Study on Gender Empowerment Outcomes in MAM@Scale Intervention Sites

This report is a study on empowerment outcomes undertaken on behalf of the MAMaZ Against Malaria At Scale project (MAM@Scale). The study looked at the extent to which women and girls in the project’s intervention sites had transitioned from a situation where they had limited power to one where they could challenge power inequalities and access new opportunities for development.

The study was undertaken in December 2019. This was an internally commissioned study, designed and led by a MAM@Scale Senior Technical Adviser who worked alongside the project’s technical team in the project’s two core intervention districts: Chitambo and Serenje in Central Province.

In the project intervention sites a number of gender empowerment-related gains were evident. The extent of change varied depending on the length of time trained CHVs and ETS riders had been active in the community.

The seven ‘gender-smart’ strategies that comprise MAM@Scale’s gender empowerment approach were integral to driving the empowerment gains achieved by the project. There are lessons here for other interventions wishing to achieve empowerment-related outcomes that extend beyond health.

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