Manual for Trainers: Human Trafficking Training Manual for Vehicle Operators

This training manual is an output of the research project “An Investigation into the Impact on Social Inclusion of High Volume Transport (HVT) Corridors and Potential Solutions to Identifying and Preventing Human Trafficking”.

This training manual outlines a training approach that can be used to:

  • Train drivers and related vehicle operators (i.e. conductors and turn-boys) in human trafficking and steps that can be taken to combat it;
  • Increase vehicle operators’ awareness of human trafficking, their ability to recognise it and their confidence to respond appropriately.

This manual focuses on Uganda. However, it can easily be adapted for use in other countries.

The research was funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) through the High Volume Transport (HVT) applied research programme (2017–2023), and was implemented by a consortium led by DT Global Emerging Markets UK Ltd and included Transaid, North Star Alliance and Scriptoria.