Instructor’s Manual for the Competency based Curriculum for Training Motorcycle and Tricycle Riders with emphasis on Motorcycle Taxi (Boda Boda) Riders

Motorcycle (boda boda) and motor tricycle (bajaji) taxis are an increasingly utilised form of commercial transport in both urban and rural Africa and beyond. With this new rise of commercial vehicles on the road, issues of safety and riders’ competency have been of real concern; calling for stricter regulation and standards of training. In 2015 through funding from the Africa Community Access Partnership (AfCAP), the Tanzanian Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA) worked with Transaid to develop a competence based curriculum for motorcycle taxis and tricycles to address these needs.

An Instructor’s Manual, again through AfCAP funding, has recently been developed by Transaid and endorsed by SUMATRA, complementing the existing competence based curriculum. The combination of the curriculum and manual is now expected to improve and standardise the quality of training in Tanzania and enable a large number of training schools to offer effective training to riders. This is particularly relevant now, given the growing dependency on these means of transportation. This Instructor’s Manual is meant to support the work of competence based training institutions, as well as to promote comprehensive good practice for this emerging sub-sector.

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