Health Facility Study Report – Adamawa State Emergency Transport Scheme (ETS) Programme

The Comic Relief funded Emergency Transport Scheme (ETS) programme ran in Adamawa State, North East Nigeria, for a five-year period between 2013 and 2018. It focused on reducing the health care access gap for pregnant women in rural communities during delivery or maternal complications, through safe and affordable transport.

Given the limited evidence-based guidance for practitioners and policy-makers in both the health and transport sectors on how best to reduce the negative impact of lack of transport on Africa’s high maternal mortality rates, there is scope for this report to add to global learning and inform decision-makers.

The Adamawa State ETS programme Health Facility Study Report outlines the findings from an investigation to determine if and how the use of ETS correlates to a woman’s health condition upon arrival at a health facility during delivery or a maternal complication.

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