H28. Emergency Transport Scheme Training Manual

This training manual was originally used as part of an Emergency Transport Scheme (ETS) in Northern Nigeria. The ETS aims to provide affordable, accessible, safe and timely means of transport for pregnant women during labour or obstetric emergencies by taking them to the nearest health facility using an existing, functioning and well-organised transport system provided by volunteer drivers of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW). This training manual was developed as part of a programme called ‘Partnership for Reviving Routine Immunization in Northern Nigeria; Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Initiative’ (PRRINN-MNCH) by a consortium comprised of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), PRRINN/Health Partners International (HPI) and Transaid and approved by the National President of NURTW in 2012. The purpose of this training manual is to develop the knowledge and skills of ETS drivers so that they can actively and effectively contribute to reduce the delay that maternal emergencies face in accessing transportation to health facilities. It covers modules such as; maternal danger signs in pregnancy and delivery, how to lift and handle a pregnant woman, the importance of providing timely transportation and agreeing the basic costs for transportation, amongst others. There are other versions of this manual in circulation. Transaid wishes to acknowledge the valuable contributions of the following in the development of this training manual: Dr. Emmanuel Sokpo (PRRINN-MNCH Health Systems Adviser), Dr. Fatima Adamu (PRRINN-MNCH Community Engagement Adviser), Miniratu Soyoola (HPI), Ibrahim Ahmad (NURTW), Gary Forster (Transaid Chief Executive), Cathy Green (HPI) and Balogun, Ismaila Aliyu (Transaid National Project Manager & Pioneer Nigerian ETS Lead Consultant). 

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