Emergency Transport Workshop Day One Presentations

The AFCAP/Transaid workshop was held on 26th – 27th March 2014 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This workshop brought together ambulance service practitioners and key emergency transport stakeholders from over ten different countries to discuss how to improve emergency transport for health across sub-Saharan Africa. This was a unique opportunity for emergency transport stakeholders to meet and form relationships, which has resulted in discussions about exciting future collaborative work.

This workshop was funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development – through the African Community Access Programme (AFCAP) which is managed by Crown Agents. AFCAP began in 2008 and addresses the challenges of providing reliable access for rural communities. It undertakes research and provides advice to help deliver safe and sustainable access to rural communities. Transaid would like to say a massive thank you to AFCAP, as without their support this workshop would never have been possible. To find out more about AFCAP, please visit: www.afcap.org.

Please click here to access the final report for the AFCAP/Transaid Emergency Transport Workshop. This final report covers the aims, discussions, core themes, outcomes and conclusions of the workshop in detail. For a shorter summary of the workshop, please click here to access the two-page technical case study.