Case study: Chitambo District Health Office (DHO) partnering with MAM@Scale in the COVID-19 response

The collaboration between Chitambo District Health Office (DHO) and MAM@Scale has been very effective, not only in the treatment of severe malaria at community level using rectal artesunate, a pre-referral drug, but also developing strong preventative measures against COVID-19 in this transit town.

MAM@Scale uses a strong community engagement approach by establishing and strengthening community systems to uplift health standards at community level. It is an inclusive approach that engages people at all levels, from traditional leadership to members of the community. People who volunteer to work for the community are trained in health education and become the providers of basic health services at community level. Food banks and savings schemes are formed in the communities to fight affordability barriers. This has not only raised demand for health services in the facilities that MAM@Scale is supporting in Chitambo district, but it made it much easier to put up preventative measures against COVID-19.

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