Assessment and Development of a Motorcycle Taxi Rider Training Curriculum

Between December 2014 and April 2015, Transaid, working closely with key stakeholders in Tanzania, have developed an appropriate training curriculum for motorcycle taxi riders (for the full curriculum see annex A). This AFCAP-funded programme began by gathering and assessing any existing motorcycle training curricula to identify any gaps that need to be addressed. It was vital that the development of the training curriculum had strong support from the relevant training schools and regulatory authorities as well as feeding in valuable input from the motorcycle taxi riders themselves and addressing the needs of passengers. To ensure this key stakeholder input and support, SUMATRA and the Traffic Police (see Annex B for letter of support) were engaged from the very start and the project team conducted interviews with Driving Schools and regulatory authorities. Two stakeholder workshops were facilitated; one in Bagamoyo, which focused on gathering input from boda boda riders, owners and passengers for the curriculum and one in Dar es Salaam that focused on gaining feedback and input from the key regulatory authorities and ministries. This final report details the outcomes from these activities as well as presenting the final developed curriculum, proposed next steps and proposals for licensing, testing and training.