AFCAP/Transaid Emergency Transport Workshop

This final report summarises the preparation activities, discussions, outcomes and conclusions from a two day emergency transport workshop held in Dar es Salaam in March 2014. This workshop brought together ambulance service practitioners and key emergency transport stakeholders from over ten different countries to discuss and explore how to improve emergency transport for health across sub-Saharan Africa. This was a unique opportunity for emergency transport stakeholders to meet and exchange ideas and approaches, which has resulted in discussions about exciting future collaborative work. The workshop saw a call for more effective dissemination of information about best practice for ambulance services, which has resulted in a webpage being created to share material relating to emergency transport best practice. There was also an overall recognition that there are many different components of an ambulance service and that the best mode of transport and best method of care delivery always depends on the context of the situation and the vehicle must match the specifications of the role that it plays. The workshop saw an enthusiasm for innovative solutions to emergency transport issues and a number of successful examples of the use of Intermediate Modes of Transport and lively discussions on the role of motorcycles and motorcycle ambulances and the role of transport, technology and communication. The workshop also provided a platform for a number of interesting case studies where ambulance services have been set up through successful public-private partnerships. This final report summarises the case studies presented at the workshop, reports on emerging themes, direct outcomes and next steps.