3PL Capacity Assessment Tool

This tool should be used to enable national medical stores to assess the capacity and experience of Third Party Logistics providers. This tool is most useful when 3PLs also are able to provide client references to show examples of the nature and scale of their existing contracts, and the degree to which they are delivering against agreed service levels. The tool was recently used during Transaid’s trip to Sudan, to assess the cost effectiveness and operational performance of the outsourced transport provider used by the National Medical Stores Fund (NMSF). During the visit the Transaid Team also reviewed NMSF’s in-house fleet management and met with representatives of the new Abdel¬hamid Ibrahim Training Center  to discuss and provide transport-specific training content.

The tool was used to undertake an assessment of NMSF’s main transport provider, Suda-Post, in their role of delivering medicines from the NMSF warehouses in Khartoum to regional stores in each state. It was used to review Suda-post’s fleet size and the number of drivers dedicated to NMSF’s operations, the level of transport training provided for staff, the rigour of their Key Performance Indicator data, and there service provision including reporting and proof of delivery tracking. Ultimately this assessment identified a number of areas for operational improvement, albeit with a recognition that the Suda-Post and NMSF teams are clearly dedicated and professional albeit with some resources challenges.

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