Reports and Research Papers

Knowledge has the ability to empower and inspire. It should be open and accessible to all.

On this page you will find links to reports and research papers that have been produced either by Transaid or our partners. Unfortunately, we are unable to publish all of our reports, so please email if you have a specific area of interest or would like more information on a specific project.

If you need Acrobat Reader for pdf files, please download it here.

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Article: A collaborative approach to addressing motorcycle safety in Kenya

As Transaid continues to implement a project to establish a National Helmet Wearing Coalition in Kenya, funded by global road safety philanthropy the FIA Foundation, one thing that has become clear is the complexity of the...

Journal article: The lived experiences of women workers in Africa’s transport sector: Reflections from Abuja, Cape Town and Tunis

This paper draws on ethnographic research conducted 2019–2022 in three quite diverse city regions - Abuja, Cape Town and Tunis - to understand women’s lived experiences of work in the road transport sector.  The strength of...

Article: Transforming Public Transport: Harnessing Local Collaborations to Combat Gender-Based Violence in Cape Town’s Minibus Taxi Industry

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a pervasive issue globally, and Cape Town, South Africa, is no exception. Here, women face numerous challenges as users of public transport. Safety is a major concern for women using the...

Article: Reflecting on the changing landscape of Emergency Transport Systems (ETS) in rural Zambia, a year after the conclusion of the MAM at Scale programme

In Zambia, through the MAMaZ Against Malaria (MAM) and MAMaZ Against Malaria at Scale (MAM@Scale) projects, Transaid delivered its largest scale-up ETS intervention to date which has reached nearly one million community...

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