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Truck and Child Safety: Road Safety Awareness Project in Ghana and South Africa

This technical case study details the background, methodology and conclusions of a project that focused on conducting a study and producing a research report on the issue of children's road safety in Ghana and South Africa

H2. Bicycle Ambulance Logbook for Riders

This tool should be used to keep track of the patients that have used the Bicycle Ambulance Service, including various personal details, why they used it and how long the journey took. This is for the organisation’s records...

RS1. Daily Motorcycle Check Sheet

This tool is to be used on a daily basis by motorcycle operators to guide and record basic motorcycle checks before setting off. Tool type: Checklist

T1. Transport Management Assessment Tool

This tool is designed for assessing the transport management systems and processes within a specific organisation. This tool is used during interviews with staff that have a responsibility for transport management such as a...

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