On Friday 10th March, 40 participants from across the transport and logistics industry set off for Cape Town, South Africa, to take on a very special once in a life time challenge.

The team were faced with 450 kilometres, tackled on mountain bikes, with much of it off-road. They faced numerous hills, bumpy track, mountain passes, 36 degree heat, rain and severe winds! The whole team cycled every kilometre of it, and we are incredibly proud of everyone who took on, and completed, this challenge for Transaid.

To read about the challenge in full, please read the Transaid blog, written by Transaid’s Event Officer Harry Wells and Head of Fundraising Florence Bearman during the challenge.

You can also witness what a Transaid African challenge is really like here and here .

Here’s what one our previous participants said:

“Riding for Transaid in Africa: what a thrill! It will leave with me unforgettable memories. The experience is amazing on so many levels. It puts all the fundraising hard work into perspective and makes you feel great about what you have achieved back home. Cycling on the roads and tracks of Africa allows you to truly connect with local people, and to get a glimpse of the challenges they face with transport towards a healthy, prosperous future. You directly experience beautiful, breath-taking nature and landscapes that previously only David Attenborough could show you. You also learn so much about yourself, digging deep into the muscle and will power, and relying on the support of great teammates and organisers to get you up the hills.

I have loved every moment of the journey and would recommend the experience to anyone!” – Cycle Madagascar and Cycle Uganda participant.

Transaid’s next African Cycle Challenge will be Cycle Zambia – Lusaka to the Victoria Falls in September 2018. Please contact Harry: or on 020 7387 8136 for further information.