“Without affordable access, without adequate mobility, Africa’s poor will be unable to take full advantage of any improvements in education, health, or other services.”*

Market traders in Ghana loading a van to take their products to the market.

Core Issues


Transaid believes that well-managed transport has the power to change people's lives for the better. Without it many people in the developing world are denied their basic human rights. 


Women die in childbirth because they cannot access healthcare facilities in time, children go uneducated because they live too far from the nearest school, women struggle with the daily drudge of finding fuel and water and carrying food for their families, and businessmen and women cannot easily get to their place of work due to the lack of available or affordable transport.


The Millennium Development Goals, created by the United Nations to halve world poverty by 2015, need transport to enable them to become a reality yet transport is not a feature of them.  The cross-cutting nature of transport means it is often forgotten. 


Transaid is working to make an impact in the following key areas:

• Access to health
• Livelihoods
• Road safety
• Environment



*Long-Term Development Plan 2004-2007, Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program, The World Bank and Economic Commission for Africa